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- “In debates about economic policy, there has long been tension between those whose primary concern is redistribution and those whose priority is growth.  Or, to put it another way, some focus on how to divide the pie that we already have while others are more interested in making the pie larger. We are now witnessing a similar phenomenon in the field of communications policy.  Internet regulation has been the talk of the town recently.  You know the buzzwords:  Title II, Section 706, net neutrality, open Internet, paid prioritization, two-sided market, slow lanes, commercially reasonable.  I’m surprised that no one has created a Net Neutrality Mad Libs game yet.  So before today’s event, I asked one of my staffers to name a verb with apocalyptic overtones, a network management practice, and a provision of the Communications Act.  That generated the following sentence:  The FCC must eliminate usage-based pricing using Section 215(b) of the Communications Act or else the Internet as we know it will explode. Not to put too fine a point on it, as Charles Dickens first said—but this whole debate is a distraction.  Instead of repeating the seemingly never-ending arguments about how to manage (or, depending on your perspective, micromanage) the networks that we currently have, we should prioritize policies that will encourage the private sector to expand and upgrade high-speed broadband networks.  And that means that we need to concentrate on expediting the Internet Protocol (IP) Transition.”

Excerpt from comments delivered by FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai yesterday at an event sponsored by the Internet Innovation Alliance regarding the dynamic between the net neutrality and IP-Transition dockets at the Commission.

-“Their website’s been a disaster for as long as I can remember. The search engine is horrible, the website stinks. When I was in the business (radio station owner), you’d try and plug in your call letters or whatever; never could find anything.”

"The FCC has been forced by budget restrictions to operate with an IT infrastructure that would be unacceptable to any well-managed business.”

The respective comments of Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler regarding the FCC’s website and the agency’s request for additional funding in the upcoming fiscal year budget for $13 million for IT upgrades. (The House passed legislation this week which decreased the Commission’s budget by $17 million compared to last year’s.) Walden offered that he’s not subscribing to the “we need more money” perspective; saying that: “I don’t buy it. We’re going to investigate, see what they’ve done with the millions of dollars they’ve been given over the years, how that money has been used or misspent. I think there’s a lot more to that story that hasn’t been fully vetted.”

The above is a quote from the July 25th issue of the PTA Friday Report. To view the full issue, please log into the Active Members Only Section of this site (telcos only) or contact to be added to the distribution list (members only)



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