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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Excerpt from a Wednesday blog post entitled “Stop Unfairly Censoring Commissioners” by FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly.

“As it is being applied today, the Commission’s existing rule intended to protect nonpublic information hinders Commissioner’s abilities to engage in the fulsome dialogue and obtain the data needed to […]


Excerpts from comments made by Scott Wallsten in his Technology Policy Institute blog. The posting, dated prior to Thursday’s Commission vote on the set-top box issue, noted that the share of split votes at the agency during Chairman Tom Wheeler’s tenure is the highest of any chairman dating back to Reed Hunt in 1994.

“No longer do politicians reach across party lines to reach compromise with their ideological opposites. One might expect our expert, independent agencies to buck that trend. Unfortunately, the Federal Communications […]


Excerpt from comments made by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler this week at the New America Foundation’s Forum entitled “Digital Equity: Technology and Learning in the Lives of Lower Income Families.”

At a time when our economy and our lives are increasingly moving online, it doesn’t make sense for Lifeline to focus only on 20th century narrowband voice service.