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Monthly Archives: July 2016

“We also need to keep in mind that the traditional ROR mechanism has failed. The order does nothing to repair the existing ROR mechanism, and I’m concerned about those flaws getting left behind. It’s paradoxical if we’re trying to increase broadband, why would the first step be to reduce funding?”

“I’m very concerned that if I stay on the ROR, I do not control my future and I am dependent on what the other carriers are going to do.” “I […]


Excerpt from the draft 2016 Democratic Party platform which is to be reviewed by the Platform Committee today and tomorrow.

“We will make the most ambitious investment in American infrastructure since President Eisenhower created the interstate highway system. We will put Americans to work updating and expanding our roads, bridges, […]


“We started to broaden it so now we were going to cover everything and wire the whole state, and while that’s admirable, if you try to be everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to anybody.”

Excerpt from comments made this week by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevlin regarding “Kentucky Wired”, an initiative begun under his predecessor to build state-owned broadband networks in unserved areas throughout the […]