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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Industry News – 6-28-19

As if they weren’t walking on eggshells already, tech giants probably weren’t overly thrilled with President Trump’s comments during this week’s interview on Fox Business suggesting that Google and Facebook should be sued by the federal government. A Washington Post article on the matter also highlighted recent antitrust activity in the nation’s capital in which […]


Legislative News – 6-21-19

Representative Pam Snyder’s House Bill 305 was reported from the House Appropriations Committee and ultimately passed unanimously by the full House yesterday. The bill provides for an inventory of state- and county-owned assets for the provision of mobile broadband service.


Industry News – 6-14-19

Pennsylvania was not included, but attorneys general from ten states have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block the Sprint T-Mobile merger on the grounds that it will stifle competition in the wireless market and consequently cause increased prices and negatively impact service quality. New York and California are leading the charge.


Industry News – 6/7/19

It was all about rural broadband in the state capital this week, starting with Monday’s unveiling of the Center for Rural Pennsylvania study on BB availability throughout the Commonwealth. The report was highly critical of the FCC’s attempts to accurately map where BB has been deployed with study author Sascha Meinrath saying that “there are […]


Legislative – 5/31/19

The House Consumer Affairs Committee will continue its impressive level of activity in the 2019-20 session with next Tuesday’s committee meeting addressing four bills including: House Bill 1511 which establishes a 60-day shot clock on the PUC when considering uncontested telco mergers, and House Resolution 250 which urges Congress to grant the FCC additional authority […]