Excerpt from a Wednesday blog post entitled “Stop Unfairly Censoring Commissioners” by FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly.

“As it is being applied today, the Commission’s existing rule intended to protect nonpublic information hinders Commissioner’s abilities to engage in the fulsome dialogue and obtain the data needed to most thoroughly and thoughtfully consider and comment on items. Moreover, it’s being applied discriminatorily as Commissioners are silenced while the Chairman, the Commission’s media relations team and select staff are not only allowed to openly discuss items, but also post blogs, tweet, issue fact sheets, brief the press, and inform favored outside parties about their content. While I’d prefer to make certain draft documents available to the public and will continue to fight for this, other changes could help improve transparency in the meantime. As a first step, let’s make it standard procedure that all Commissioners and their staffs can discuss the substance of items on circulation or a meeting agenda, minus adjudicatory law enforcement items. To effectuate this, the Chairman should provide blanket written approval to the Commissioners to permit open discussion about the items before us.”