Industry News – 9-16-22

Plenty of “churn” news this week featuring Frontier (in a good way) and Verizon (in a not as good, but hopeful way). Frontier CEO Nick Jeffrey told an investor conference that the company’s 54,000 fiber net additions in the second quarter was due, in large part, to customers migrating from cable providers. This from Jeffrey: “It’s clear that when fiber turns up in your neighborhood, it’s the best alternative. So, we’re doing really, really well against cable.” On the Verizon front, CEO Hans Vestberg warned investors this week that its 3Q figures will still be on the decline just as it experienced in its 2Q loss of 215,000 wireless postpaid customers, but that new plans such as the Verizon One Unlimited  for iPhone and increased traffic in retail stores bode well for the future.