Quotable: PTA Friday Report – May 20

“…we have made more and more consumer complaint data publicly available through the Consumer Help Center – publishing weekly updates to a variety of charts, maps and spreadsheets. All the while, though, we’ve had something more in mind: handing the keys to the data directly to the public. And so today, we’re pleased to unveil our new Consumer Complaint Data Center which will make available granular complaint data that is automatically updated daily, resulting in more up-to-date data being made available to the public.”

Excerpt from a Wednesday blog posting of FCC Chief of Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau Alison Kutler and Dr. David Bray, FCC Chief Information Officer regarding the new CCDC (which can be found at https://www.fcc.gov/consumer-help-center-data).



–           “It is important for people to remember to keep their landlines, even just for 911.”

“I don’t think I can stress enough for people to keep their landline.”


Excerpts of comments made by Blair County 911 Coordinator Sue Ammerman in a piece appearing on WTAJ TV this week regarding the difficulty dispatchers occasionally have in locating 911 callers who are using smartphones.