Quotable from PTA’s June 10th Friday Report

“AT&T’s use of anonymous and aggregate set-top box information is entirely consistent with the statute. Our disclosures tell our customers exactly how we use that data and provide tools for customers to opt out. Frankly, this complaint is bogus, and seems mainly designed to distract the public from the overwhelming bipartisan opposition to the FCC’s controversial set-top box plan. That plan itself will erode existing consumer privacy protections, not to mention its many other harms. Because the plan’s few remaining supporters have no answer to that charge, they’ve decided to invent a false privacy claim. This smacks of desperation, and it also carries the whiff of hypocrisy. It’s further proof, if any is needed, that the plan’s supporters have lost the public policy debate on this issue.”

The statement of AT&T’s senior executive vice president Jim Cicconi on this week’s filing of complaints to the FCC and Federal Trade Commission regarding the improper use of consumer data by cable and satellite TV providers using set-top box data.  Public Knowledge and several other consumer groups made the complaints.