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Monthly Archives: September 2016

“It’s time for consumers to say goodbye to costly set-top boxes. It’s time for more ways to watch and more lower-cost options. ”

Yesterday, the FCC announced that the controversial set-top box issues has been removed from the open meeting agenda. The above statement is attributed to Chairman Tom Wheeler, and Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Mignon Clyburn. The statement also notes that the matter “will go on the Commission’s circulation list and remain under consideration by Commissioners.”  


“We believe there will be a big payback with reduced churn, more stickiness, and better satisfaction.”

Excerpt from comments made this week by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts at a Goldman Sachs investor conference regarding the company’s intention to launch its wireless service by mid-2017. Comcast intends to market the service inside its existing footprint and is interested in “upselling customers to a bigger bundle of services” according to Roberts. Charter Communications […]


“Today’s hearing should be viewed as establishing a regular biennial process for FCC oversight.”

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) set an early tone for this week’s hearing with the five FCC Commissioners by saying that the “clear intent” of the Commission during Chairman Wheeler’s tenure was to establish the FCC “as the most important player in the communications marketplace, the arbiter through which all innovation must pass.” […]


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler unveiled his proposal regarding set-top boxes yesterday which, as an accompanying fact sheet indicates, is an initiative designed to “increase consumer choice & innovation in the video marketplace.”

An excerpt from Wheeler’s missive appears below and is followed, in order, by perspectives from fellow FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly and Charter Communications. –  “Ninety-nine percent of pay-TV subscribers currently rent set-top boxes because there aren’t meaningful alternatives. Lack of competition has meant few choices and high prices for consumers – $231 in rental fees annually […]


At its Public Meeting yesterday, the PUC voted 3-2 in support of a Motion by Chairman Gladys Brown in a matter involving a complaint filed by Core Communications against XO Communications about compensation due for dial-up internet traffic and intrastate calls in which a Carrier Identification Code (CIC) is present but a calling party number isn’t.

–           “For these reasons, we conclude that an effective approach consistent with the record is Core’s interstate access rate in those situations when CPN or other necessary billing information is absent. This was Core’s prior practice for managing such traffic and is consistent with precedent. This intrastate access rate is higher than the reciprocal compensation […]