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Monthly Archives: September 2016

“It’s time for consumers to say goodbye to costly set-top boxes. It’s time for more ways to watch and more lower-cost options. ”

Yesterday, the FCC announced that the controversial set-top box issues has been removed from the open meeting agenda. The above statement is attributed to Chairman Tom Wheeler, and Commissioners Jessica […]


“We believe there will be a big payback with reduced churn, more stickiness, and better satisfaction.”

Excerpt from comments made this week by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts at a Goldman Sachs investor conference regarding the company’s intention to launch its wireless service by mid-2017. Comcast intends […]


“Today’s hearing should be viewed as establishing a regular biennial process for FCC oversight.”

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) set an early tone for this week’s hearing with the five FCC Commissioners by saying that the “clear intent” of the Commission during […]


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler unveiled his proposal regarding set-top boxes yesterday which, as an accompanying fact sheet indicates, is an initiative designed to “increase consumer choice & innovation in the video marketplace.”

An excerpt from Wheeler’s missive appears below and is followed, in order, by perspectives from fellow FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly and Charter Communications. –  “Ninety-nine percent of pay-TV subscribers currently rent […]


At its Public Meeting yesterday, the PUC voted 3-2 in support of a Motion by Chairman Gladys Brown in a matter involving a complaint filed by Core Communications against XO Communications about compensation due for dial-up internet traffic and intrastate calls in which a Carrier Identification Code (CIC) is present but a calling party number isn’t.

–           “For these reasons, we conclude that an effective approach consistent with the record is Core’s interstate access rate in those situations when CPN or other necessary billing information is […]