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Monthly Archives: March 2017

“We asked our staff, ‘All of these companies are submitting all of this information, when was the last time you actually used this information?’ And we got the answer, ‘Well not within living memory. Certainly not within the last five years.”

These comments and a commitment that more deregulation was to come, garnered FCC Chairman Ajit Pai raucous applause this week at an American Cable Association summit. Pai added that “we […]


Excerpt from PTA testimony offered on Wednesday to members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee during a public hearing on the telecommunications industry and broadband deployment.

“With all of the changes made by the FCC since 2011 and its CAF/ICC Order, RLECs are receiving dramatically less support to keep basic service affordable and maintain the traditional […]


Excerpts from the respective comments of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and AT&T regarding the former’s report accusing the company of declaring lower income residents of Cleveland ineligible for the company’s discount broadband program.

“The maps show a clear and troubling pattern…a pattern of long-term, systematic failure to invest in the infrastructure required to provide equitable, mainstream Internet access to residents of the central […]


Expert from a recent filing made by the NCTA-The Internet & Television Association with the FCC regarding a meeting NCTA reps had with Commission staff on the agency’s next broadband deployment report.

“We urged the Commission to state clearly in the next report that ‘advanced telecommunications capability’ simply denotes an ‘advanced’ level of broadband, and that the previously adopted benchmark of 25Mbps/3 […]